Equestrian Organizations

winning roset for an equestrian competitive event

Who are the judges and the rule makers?

Fighting Stallions

two palomino stallions fighting in a paddock

Boys wil be boys, particularly when girls are around.

Saint George, Sir Lancelot, Ivanhoe And The Black Prince

knights on horseback charging in a re-enactment

Mounted knights are considered to be the most romantic characters of the medieval world.

A £3 Million Race Horse Called Frankel

stakes race on the flat

His racing form was 1111/11111/11111.  14 wins out of 14 races.

Mounted Police

two mounted police officers on duty

Obedience and calmness are the two key qualities of a police horse.

Polo Players And Polo Ponies

polo player takes a strike with his mallet

Polo players find plenty of enjoyment and passion in their game.

The Equine Veterinarian

horse showing its teeth

Equine vets can be a saviour to both the horse and it's owner.

Harness Riding

horse and trap harness racing along the beach

Harness riders know that the combination of hooves and wheels is exciting.


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